Background/Reference Checks

Hiring the right candidate can be crucial to every business however, when you consider the time and expenses associated with recruiting, hiring and training employees the idea of verifying background details just makes good sense.

In recent times, especially with high rate of unemployment and poverty level in the country, it is becoming increasingly difficult to assemble a team of workforce with proven integrity. Employees “doctor” their records to secure jobs or promotions in whatever organizations they find themselves.

Recent statistics has shown that out of every 10 (ten) curriculum vitae received in a work place at least 6 (Six) contains information falsely altered to suit the prospective job. This is unhealthy for organizations whose interest lies in working with people of integrity, whom it will commit financial, material and other intangible resources of immense value to their care and use.

Our team is poised to help your organization identity such unscrupulous elements and further confirm the level of reliance you should place on your employee. Our verification service entails consistent and diligent application of our processed and careful documentation which is critical to the success of any pre-employment screening program.

Our Background check services include:

1. Educational Records Verification

2. Employment Record Verification

3. Guarantor/References checks

4. Character Checks etc

To help us do a proper reference check, all you need to provide us are the following:

a. Name of the Referred

b. Telephone Number, Email and contact address of referred

c. List of questions to ask the referred


Better still scanned document filled by the Referred. Subsequently we will avail you with detailed reports of verifications done.  





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