OutSourcing Services

Managing Non –core staffs can be a great distraction from paying attention to your core businesses while not guaranteeing the best results from their services despite your attention. The resultant effects on your businesses are increased overhead cost and poor unprofessional services. 

We have positioned our self to render cost effective Human Resources Outsourcing services to our deserving clients. This we achieve by equipping our team with experienced professionals and maintaining a pool of trained prospective employees who are ever “Work ready?? Our HR Outsourcing services are further classified into two categories. 


Here we source different cadres of staff and make them go through our recruitment process before final deployment to our client. We would always present at least 2 candidates for every opening required from which the client makes their selection. Presentation of candidates would continue until the client is able to make a desired choice. 


This arrangement connotes that our clients have invited us to manage a given services of theirs, say for instance Driving, Secretarial, Administrative services etc., consequently Janchine Nigeria Limited will deploy her staff who has undergone our recruitment process and training to perform such services under an agreed terms of engagement referencing a superior contract with the client.  

Janchine Nigeria Limited will administer and supervise the outsourced staff as well as manage the payroll of these staff rendering the outsourced services for an agreed administrative fee which is usually a percentage of the gross salary package. Interested in any of the above mentioned services, please contact us         

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